Indar Electric S.L and WestimQpower have signed an agent agreement about Co-operation on the Finnish market

INDAR, founded in 1940, is a world leader in rotating electrical machines: motors, generators, and submersible pumps and motors.
INDAR delivers tailor-made solutions in the fields of energy generation and stands out as a leading brand in hydroelectric generation, wind power generation, stationary power (generators for combustion engines), gas and steam (biomass, cogenerations, geothermal energy, etc.) as well as advanced electrical propulsion systems and plant generation for vessels.
INDAR also do Pehabilitation of Hydroelectric Generators.
INDAR offers assessment, technological development and delivery of solutions, that is, a fully comprehensive service for your projects. It is INDAR’s philosophy to accompany its customer in a joint involvement on its challenges thanks to the efficiency of its machines their stiffness and the adaptability in its designs.
WestimQpower is very proud of beeing part of the INDAR Team.